Diane Chernansky is an actress, comic, and former competitive ballroom dancer from Connecticut.  She studied psychology and French at Wake Forest University, where she spent every spare moment at the theater. 

Diane has traveled all over Europe and Asia. She spent a semester in Dijon, France and then lived in Japan for three years where she taught English in high schools.  Fascinated by the traditional culture of Japan, Diane had the chance to perform Kabuki theater with a local troupe. Because of her practice of Kabuki, traditional dance, and tea ceremony, she was often told by Japanese people that she was “more Japanese than the Japanese.”

After returning to the US, she produced and directed a documentary short film, The Four Seasons of Japan.  She moved to New York City where she worked in television, field producing segments and programs about the US for Japanese networks such as NHK and Tokyo Broadcasting System.  She returned to her passion for acting when she realized that she wanted to be in front of the camera rather than behind it. After a few years of working in theater, she ventured west to Los Angeles. 

Diane has since acted in TV, film, and theater.  Having also worked in corporate America, she was thrilled to work on Silicon Valley with Mike Judge, creator of Office Space

Diane loves living in Los Angeles where she enjoys running, practicing yoga, and eating avocado.

I play strong, intelligent women dealing with tough circumstances.
— Diane Chernansky